Forget the tour bus. Never mind the generic city tour. Tourist traps be gone! 

Welcome to Berlin. My name is Jeremy, and I will be your guide.

I came to Berlin 19 years ago. An American Jew living in the German capital. I have walked almost every inch of this city, exploring its tormented and rich history, living its dynamic present. There was a lot of homework to do here. I've done it all. Let me share it with you.

Jeremy Minsberg

I offer custom-made tours for English speakers visiting Berlin. No need to tell you that Germany's history is a difficult one. I've asked the hard questions since I arrived and would be glad to share with you what I've heard. But there is also a vibrant transition taking place in Berlin. Let me show you.

Are you interested in architecture, technology, culture or Jewish history? You name it. I will design a tour to keep your mind awake without killing your feet!

Let me show you why millions of visitors are falling in love with this reunited new, old capital. Take it all in with me, Jeremy, your personal Berlin tour guide. You'll be amazed, you'll learn a lot and we will always take time to enjoy a Cafe Latte served only as the Berliners know it: in big bowls!

My Bio

My friends refer to me as Mr. Berlin.  My rule is to do something new here each day.  As a result, I know this city better than most locals.  And Berlin is like a film you have to see several times in order to appreciate it! Each time I give a tour I still discover something new.

My Fees

This is not my job.  This is my passion and hobby.  I don't have set fees.  You name your price.  Please contact me for details.

Socially Responsible

I love Berlin and I like to give back whenever possible. Therefore, a portion of the fee always goes to charity: either to a Berlin Jewish educational or cultural organization or to a Berlin school that helps integrate HIV positive children into mainstream society. No other tour guide in Berlin does this.

How will we tour?

Like a native Berliner! "Ich bin ein Berliner". This means I am a Berliner. And like the locals, we'll use public transport such as trams, buses, the Underground and S Bahn trains. And of course, there will be some walking or biking. For those who prefer less or no walking, please contact me for other options. Duration of tours is based on interest, time and weather, ranging from 1/2 day to full day.

Gift a Berlin Tour!

Gift a Berlin Tour: give someone a tour, gift certificates for tours are available...please ask!

Types of Berlin tours offered

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